The ultimate in off-road touring, the Trooper takes caravanning to new levels of comfort and sophistication.

The Lotus Trooper caravan near a river

Lotus Caravans has built what they say is the best premium off-road caravan available on the Australian market today. With german-made composite panelling, and a two-year manufacturing guarantee, the Trooper is a must-have for anyone wanting the best.

The glamorous modern interior, featuring top-of-the-range Laminex Diamond Gloss laminate bench tops and a choice of two lounge styles, is a display of premium craftsmanship while the reinforced door hinges and other key features complete this extreme off-road van.

Lotus Caravans, in partnership with industry leader G&S Chassis, has designed a revolutionary truss system chassis which helps cut weight to allow more payload for these off-road beasts. The cutting edge Control Rider Twin Shock suspension will take on corrugations with ease and, in true Lotus Caravans style, we’ve upgraded the shockers to handle more heat and deliver optimum performance in the harsh Australian landscape.

With a brand new electronic system powered by 200 amps of lithium power, driven by a REDARC battery management system and 600 watts of solar power, this go-anywhere van has set new limits. The Trooper also features front and rear exterior work lights, a reversing camera and Anderson plug for additional portable solar panel while the push-button resettable fuse panel has been added as a fantastic safety feature.

Available in eight floor plans, ranging from 18’6” to 22’, the Trooper can be customised to meet your specific needs.

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