Tips on choosing a caravan park

Several caravans all set up near a beach

Whether you are travelling with your own caravan, tent or camper trailer; or if you’d prefer an on site caravan or chalet, there are plenty of caravan parks to choose from across Western Australia.

Gone are the days when a caravan park means a patch of grass and a local fish and chip shop. Today you can choose a park to suit your needs, with most offering modern day amenities that will make your next holiday a breeze!

From a modest camp kitchen, laundry, swimming pool and cabins/villas, to the convenience of onsite restaurants, water parks, playgrounds and trampolines, right through to luxuries such as mini golf, tennis court, pedal cart hire, Wi-Fi, and activities during school holidays.

So how do you choose the right caravan park for you?

Consider the Caravan Park’s location

When choosing a caravan park, it might not just be about what town or destination you are travelling to. Consider things like how far out of town the park is and whether that works for you. Do you need public transport nearby? Would you like to be right on the beach; or would you prefer to be a few streets away? Location of the Caravan Park will also affect the price structure, so this could be a consideration too.

Enquire about location of your site

You’ve done your research and know where the park is, but what about your site within the park? If the site is too small or located too close to the bathrooms, you could end up facing problems you might not have considered. Ask about the site’s location, its size, flooring of the site, amenities, etc. This information is useful while booking as you may get the option of choosing a site that suits your needs perfectly.

Check the Park’s Ratings and Reviews

The best way to judge a caravan park is ratings and reviews. While caravan parks will often have star ratings, most are self-rated and can only be used as a rough measure of the park’s standard. Visit a site such as TripAdvisor and don’t just stop at one or two reviews. Read a couple of them and then arrive at a conclusion. If you are seeing a pattern within the reviews that are written, you’ll have a better understanding of what you are dealing with.

Caravanning with Children

If you’re travelling with children, it makes sense to look out for amenities that will make their trip more fun, like a swimming pool or playground. If you are travelling without kids, you might prefer a quieter spot with a laid back and relaxed ambiance and therefore avoiding parks with these amenities might be the way to go.

Pet Friendly Caravan Parks

Any dog lover will know that no holiday is complete without bringing your furry companion along too! Many caravan parks are pet friendly, but will also have their own set of regulations that need to be followed, so it’s a good idea to ask ahead to avoid running into problems later. To help you pick the caravan park that means the family pooch can come along too, a Pet Friendly Accommodation Guide is available from the Caravan Industry Association WA at

Sticking to Your Budget

This is the most important aspect of the caravan park selection process. Costs vary between parks and locations, and vary greatly per season and during peak times. Also look out for discounts that may be available through your insurer or through organisations such as Groupon. It all helps with the budget!

Need more info?

The WA Caravan Industry Association has all the facts you need on caravanning in WA, including plenty of advice on getting started.

WA Caravan Industry Association CEO Craig Kenyon said while reading the fact sheet is important and helps make planning your trip and choosing the right type of park easier, there’s plenty more that travelers should remember before they head off.

“Travelers should remember that WA is a very large state, so distances between regional areas can be quite far. Check your fuel regularly, make sure you take adequate rests and re hydrate at the rest stops/service areas and for the longer trips,” Craig said.

“ Remember the seasons play a part in what type of weather you might encounter particularly between popular tourist destinations in the far north and the south west. Planning ahead is a good idea and in the peak periods we would encourage travelers to book their caravan park site or cabin well in advance to avoid disappointment.”

For all the up-to-date information, visit the WA Caravan Industry Association website and download the 2019 Caravan and Camping Guide.

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