No excuses with pedal-kayaking

    Want to get out on the water, but not quite ready to buy your first boat? There’s plenty of water activities that are easy to get involved in and don’t involve a huge investment. Start small and go from there!



    Kayaking is an easy way to get started in boating. Kayaks are fairly inexpensive to buy with prices starting at around $600 for a good quality new kayak. Being easily transportable (many will fit on car roof racks meaning no need for a trailer) you can experience different types of waterways, from lakes and rivers to the ocean. For the extreme enthusiasts, white water kayaking involves navigating in swift moving rivers such as those who compete in the Avon Descent. Kayaking is great for all ages and kayaks can come in one, two or even three seaters, to make it easier to take a couple, or a family, or even the dog out for a paddle. Some kayaks are also designed for fishing with rod holders and storage; and Hobie brand kayaks feature pedals rather than paddles, making your fishing trip even more convenient.

    Stand Up Paddle Boards

    No excuses with Stand Up Paddle Boarding

    In recent years, Stand Up Paddleboards have become one of the most popular water-sports you can get involved in – and why not, it’s easy and so much fun! Stand Up Paddle Boards come in a range of sizes and generally are either inflatable boards (great for easy transporting) or more common are the hard board made from fibreglass. Stand Up Paddleboarding can be done on rivers, lakes or the ocean; and is easy for all ages. Once you’ve got your balance, you’re off! Expect to pay a minimum $300-$400 for an inflatable SUP, or at least $1000 for a fiberglass board.

    Personal Water Craft (Jet Skis)

    If it’s a boating thrill you’re looking for, a personal watercraft or jetski might be for you! The exhilaration of cruising the open water at exciting speeds might be what you’re looking for – or perhaps it’s less about the speed and more about heading out on the jetski for a day’s fishing. You will need a skipper’s ticket and of course a trailer for transporting your jetski, but the bonus of owning a small watercraft such as this is that they store easily in the garage at home. There’s plenty of choice when it comes to personal watercraft, and there’s one to suit different budgets. Some of the better brands include Sea-Doo, Kawasaki and Yamaha; and prices for can start from around $9,000 new.

    Water skiing

    No excuses with water-skiing

    Ok, so we all know you need a boat for water-skiing – but if you’re just into having a go at the sport, you may not need a boat of your own! Perth has a few options of water-ski or wake-boarding parks which are easy to get to, safe, clean and user-friendly. Parks are run by industry experts and offer equipment hire and full training for all ages and skill levels. You can choose a park that uses boats to tow skiers, or visit Perth Wake Park to try cable skiing. It’s a fun activity for all ages, and who knows – with just a few tries you might be taking on jumps like a pro!

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