Where have all the caravans gone?

A crusader caravan, ready to go

In the world of caravans, things have been a little bit crazy. Whether you are trying to buy or sell a caravan, are in caravan manufacturing, are a caravan dealer, do caravan servicing or operate a caravan park, you will have been experiencing an unprecedented change in the industry this year. COVID has caused major interruptions in international travel and with caravanning already on the rise in Australia, suddenly caravanning is king!

One brand that has been growning from strength to strength is Crusader caravans. The range of models has expanded each year and Crusader continue to lead the industry with innovative production methods and are the reigning ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ for 2019.

With 28 models to choose from and unlimited options to customise, there is a perfect Crusader model for everyone. However, in recent months there has been an increased interest in free camping and off-road caravaning models. The catalyst for this has without a doubt been COVID and people desperately wanting to get away on their own. The day WA’s premier announced regional borders would reopen, sales and enquiries on caravans escalated immediately. The ripple effect of so many new caravan owners out on the road has impacted on tourism operators, caravan parks, regional road traffic, campsites and retailers all around WA. With caravan parks fully booked and caravanners heading north for the sun during the recent winter, it became apparent that owning a self-contained caravan would be clever, if not essential to visit many places.

Free-camping in overflow camping areas, national parks and simply off the beaten track means that having a grey water tank, solar power, good battery storage and plenty of water is required. To be able to travel so freely within our own beautiful state has led to many travellers being more curious and adventurous, increased the demand for ‘semi-offroad’ or ‘full-offroad’ models and options.

With Crusader caravans, the broad range of models all have semi offroad options, such as independent suspension, heavier duty tyres, extra water storage and protection.

For the more adventurous, adding a X-Country bundle or going to a full offroad model such as XC Trailbreaker or XC Extreme allows far more access to remote destinations. Setting your caravan up with extra solar panels, larger batteries, upgrading to lithium and an inverter or generator, will give you a power supply to operate all of your caravan features without needing to plug into 240v mains.

When it comes to free-camping, put some thought into what your caravan would require if you had no tap to connect to for water, no power point to plug into for 240v power and how you will cook, keep cool or warm, protecting your caravan from damage on rough roads and most of all be able to enjoy your destination!

At Lewis RV, questions are encouraged, options are endless. Choosing the caravan model and features to best suit your vehicle and travel needs are the key to purchasing an Australian Crusader Caravan so contact Lewis RV on 6555 775, 50 James Street, Guildford or online at lewisrv.com.au


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