Trailer Movers to suit all needs

Trailer movers from Aussie Wheels

Suburban block sizes are getting smaller; and our houses and trailers getting larger…meaning there’s an increased need to regularly move our caravans and boats easily and safely.

AussieWheel have a range of trailer movers designed to move loads from 500kg to 4000kgs, and provides a choice of hitches including Ball, DO35, Treg, Pintle, Jockey post and Clamp Post. They also offer a rear pin for moving trolleys and bins.

At the product’s foundation is an electric motor and worm-drive gearbox that produce the most power output for its size, and is rated for continuous use.

The Forward and Reverse switch in the handle stops the motor instantly and acts as a brake when released. Power is usually supplied via any normal 12V DC battery or two 12V DC batteries to create 24Volts if required. Generally this is mounted in the van or boat or can be placed on top of the mover and connected with a custom cable to match the client’s requirements.

A range of different tyre tread patterns are available to match the terrain, and foam filling gives more grip and allows tyres to keep their shape under extreme loads and reduces maintenance to a minimum.

Unlike most movers, AussieWheel does not use chain drives and is therefore mechanically maintenance free for life.

AussieWheel is not a copy of other machines but a refined design tested and approved in accordance with AS1044. All units are fully assembled in Australia with two-year warranty for domestic and 12 months Commercial use.

AussieWheel is a family business based in WA  proudly sourcing from other local small business. Their team is committed to supporting our movers and customers as we believe you become our best advertising.

If you are looking for a quality product and the best service available, don’t hesitate to contact Tim Atkinson by email [email protected] or phone 0409 884 214; or visit the AussieWheel website for more info

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