Protect your investment with regular caravan servicing

A caravan, ready to be serviced

Without regular servicing and maintenance, your caravan can quickly turn from a dream purchase into a complete nightmare!

Jason Driver from The Caravan Shed has seen the damage that comes from lack of maintenance. He said that similar to cars, caravans need to be services every year or every 10,000km; and that if they are not maintained, there’s a list of things that potentially can go wrong.

“Brakes and bearings are the most important thing. Brakes need to be regularly checked and kept in peak condition so they don’t burn out,” he said.

“Bearings are just as important. If you don’t maintain your bearings, you risk the wheels coming off while driving, and then you’re stuck by the side of the road not able to go anywhere – or worse. Losing a wheel while driving could result in the van completely tipping over!”

“Wheel alignments are important to extend the life of your tyres; and battery maintenance is also an important factor to consider.”

“So often caravans sit at home not being used for long periods of time, and batteries go flat. If you leave it flat for too long then they will have to be replaced, and the costs can add up,” Jason said.

Other checks that are carried out at a service include maintenance on water heaters, and checking weather seals around the van – you don’t want water getting inside your van and causing damage.

The Caravan Shed is the only caravan service centre in the Bibra Lake area, and they have a team of experienced caravan service technicians to carry out maintenance and repairs.

They undertake logbook servicing to keep with warranties, and also offer modification services to customers. Their range of services include installing all types of accessories, including air conditioners, toilets/showers, cook-tops, fridges, TVs or solar power; and they can also help with GVM upgrades.

Jason said what sets The Caravan Shed apart from others is their quality of workmanship.

“I’d advise people only trust their caravan servicing to an expert team, and try to stay away from mobile caravan repairers who don’t always measure up,” he said.

Speak to the team at The Caravan Shed for all your caravan service requirements. Visit the or call (08) 9417 8828.



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