Experience Adventure in Esperance!

A gorgeous view from high above in Esperance

Whether you prefer adrenaline filled adventures in the outdoors or the quiet comforts of a town, Esperance is the perfect holiday destination. Many people assume Esperance is only about beaches but there is far more to experience in the region, from remote 4×4 tracks by the ocean to locally roasted coffee served in cozy cafés there’s something for everyone.

Adventure awaits
If you are the kind who likes to find themselves by getting away, Esperance has you well catered for. Whether it be casual or challenging, bush tracks, pristinely white sand dunes, and stunning coastal drives await those who have are avid off roaders. The Wylie Bay sand dunes are the perfect place to test your skills and have some fun, you can even pull up on top of a dune and try your hand (or feet) at sand boarding!

Places to pull up and stay
Be it a cozy bungalow or a swag, Esperance offers a diverse selection of accommodation options to suit every adventurer. No matter where you stay you can find your slice of paradise and create a home away from home.

Esperance has an abundance of bush caravan parks perfect for family camping. Cape le Grand National Park is home to the world famous Lucky Bay, which boasts barbeques, undercover camper kitchens, tables and chairs, hot showers and toilets. You’ll also find some basic, but well equipped facilities at both Stokes Inlet and Cape Arid National Park.

If you have pets you can pull up at Quagi Beach, Alexander Bay, Munglinup Beach Holiday Park or the Orleans Bay Caravan Park (‘The Duke’ as the locals lovingly refer to it). Set in a remote setting, but with the amenities of a tourist park, including fully self-contained chalets, the Duke and Munglinup Holiday Park are sure-fire family favorites.

Out on the water
Enjoy the pristine, clear, temperate waters of the iconic Recherche Archipelago! If you want to wet a line, some of the state’s best fishing spots are located within the region. Either off the beach or in a boat, you can try your hand at landing the perfect catch. Within Stokes National Park (located to the west) you’ll find a small inlet with shady paperbark trees fringing the water’s edge, making it the ideal spot to set up a camp chair and toss in a line. Woody Lake, which you’ll find nearer to the town center, is also great for kayaking and launching small boats (no pets allowed here, however).

If you’re in Esperance for the surf you definitely won’t be disappointed; West Beach, Kelp Beds, Chapman’s Point (Chappies) are just some local favorites’. Our underwater sights are just as ‘must- see’ as our above-water landscapes. Try and find the elusive leafy seadragon by taking the plunge and snorkeling along the coast, with spectacular drop offs, underwater caves and swim-throughs it is truly unforgettable.

If you prefer to experience the iconic Esperance coastline from the water you can take a boat or Jet Ski along the Great Ocean Drive, getting a truly unique perspective of the coast.

Natural Wonders
You’ve come this far so you might as well make the most of your adventure and discover some of the extraordinary natural wonders of the area. Although it takes some planning, a boat trip or flight across to Middle Island will not disappoint. Located 130km off the coast of Esperance, the island is home to a breathtaking pink lake – Lake Hillier. The lake has high salinity levels that attracts particular algae and bacteria, which give the lake its vibrant colour.

But if pink lakes are not for you, perhaps you’d prefer experience our trails and walkways, such as Peak Charles. This large granite outcrop rises 500m above sea level. Surrounded by natural bushland, it’s a great place for bushwalks and discovering the local flora and fauna; and of course the views from the summit are pretty spectacular too!

Head into town
Beyond the breathtaking outdoor adventures you can have in the region, the town-site is just as vibrant. If you consider yourself a foodie you can’t go past Esperance’s freshly-caught seafood, or locally produced beer and coffee.

If you’re an avid photographer Esperance has you more than covered with breathtaking coastlines, a gorgeous wildflower season, and beautiful natural landscapes. Even if the weather isn’t ‘Insta- perfect’, the coastline makes a magnificent backdrop for those winter storms, and if the sun is out but the southerly is in, there are plenty of beautiful spots that are protected from any coastal winds.

Learn about the local history at the Esperance Museum, one of the best volunteer-run museums in Australia, or get a taste of the region’s culture by following the Esperance Arts and Culture Trail. By the time you’re finished you’ll never want to leave such an amazing place!

If you’ve never visited the South-East Coast but always wanted to, now is the perfect time to Venture down to Esperance. Explore more and plan your visit today: visitesperance.com

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