Tips for travelling solo!

A woman and dog in a tent

Everyone loves getting away – but what if all your friends are busy and you have nobody to travel with?

Travelling and camping solo can be a great experience. For starters, it means you don’t have to miss out on your trip; plus when you’re camping solo, you’re bound to make new friends! Aussies are a friendly bunch, and more than likely if you arrive at a campsite on your own, you’ll be invited to join someone else’s group.

Before you head off on your solo travels, there’s a few important things to consider – and safety is a big one.

Even if you’re a seasoned camper and know what you’re doing, it’s still advised not to take risks. Stay in a tourist park where there are other people; and avoid remote areas. Know how to use all your gear, because while you might find a friendly stranger to help you, there’s also a chance you’ll be stuck setting up and packing down yourself.

The drive on your own can be long and tiring, so plan ahead and take plenty of stops, or break up a long drive with an overnight stay. And of course before you leave, tell someone where you are going and keep in touch so they know you’re safe.

Travel and camping is great fun and can be just what you need to escape and relax. And if you don’t want to wait until your friends are free to come along, grab a good book, your favourite food and bring your dog, and head out for some relaxation time on your own!



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