Tag A Long 4WD Adventure

There’s no better way to discover all that WA has to offer than by immersing yourself in the natural wonders of Western Australia’s coast, bushlands and forest.

But what if you’ve never really camped before; you’re not that confident in your 4W Driving abilities or you just can’t decide where to go?

This is when a tagalong tour becomes the ideal option.

Several companies in WA offer tagalong tours, where you can join a group on an organised adventure. You can choose from different trips and destinations and all you need is a 4WD!

Nick Underwood from Campfire Escapes said that tagalong tours are the ideal way for newcomers or those who are a little unsure, to get out and experience camping in a completely safe environment.

“Joining a tour such as one of our Campfire Escapes is a great introduction to camping and 4w driving because it takes the pressure off the individual to come up with a trip plan and deal with safety issues,” Nick said.

“Here you are in a group so there’s an element of safety. No getting lost because you are following other people, and if you get into any trouble, someone is there to help you out.”

“Plus of course they’re a lot of fun and a great way to meet people and share the camping experience! Campfire Escapes offer a unique opportunity for your family to explore Western Australia with experienced bush tour guides who are there to make your trip something amazing,” Nick said.

Nick said over the years he and Andrew Fardon have been running Campfire Escapes, he has seen an 85% repeat rate of people attending; and in fact has seen one couple come along on 28 tours – so he must be doing something right!

“Our Campfire Escapes always attract a great bunch of people and there’s nothing better than a full day of driving and then setting up camp around a campfire and relaxing and having a laugh,” Nick said.

“The tours are family friendly, suitable for all ages ( We recently did a trip with a couple who brought along their five month old baby – quiet as a mouse the whole trip) and we do special trips for Dads and kids as well as photography weekends down south which are really popular”.

“It’s such a simple and easy way to get started, and you really don’t need a lot – just an esky for your food, a tent or swag, a couple of chairs to put around the fire and of course a 4WD,” Nick said.

Nick did say safety is key though, and all 4WDs must be fitted with recovery points back or front; and all drivers need a radio to keep in touch.

If you’re thinking about a tagalong tour – and particularly a Campfire Escape – here’s a few places you can go and explore.

The deep karri forests of the Southwest through to the dramatic granite and pure white sand of the  South Coast of Western Australia where you can dip a toe in the Campfire Escapes experience for a short three days or long weekend public holiday.

Or perhaps you’d prefer a wander in the wildflowers or a longer stretch exploring the ancient Pilbara landscape as you traverse up wild riverbeds to camp beside remote waterholes deep in station country.

Or perhaps the Red Centre is more to your liking – explore the iconic Olgas, Uluru and Kings Canyon before going remote into Finke Gorge NP then Hermannsburg, Palm Valley, Owen Spring, The Alice, and the gorges of the MacDonnell Ranges with the run home along the Great Central Road enjoying touches of the iconic Gunbarrel Highway.

The beautiful Goldfields woodlands – go beyond the Holland Track and delve into the history and mystery of the largest Mediterranean-climate woodland on earth.

D’Entrecasteaux National Park – Go from a Blackwood River campsite to Black Point, then along the Wapet Track to Lake Jasper for a swim in the South West’s largest freshwater lake. Head to the Yeagarup Dunes and then wind down sand tracks to the mouth of the Warren River. Explore the D’Entrecasteaux National Park and enjoy a relaxing drive along the beach to the mouth of the Warren River.

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