Conquer both the road and the waves with a Whittley

A Whittley motorboat

There is no doubt Whittley Marine is renowned for producing some of Australia’s best cruisers – compact yet well-appointed luxury boats, designed for overnight or extended on-water holidays.

They have been branded as the ultimate marine caravan and you are likely to find them at any one of the bays at Rottnest, Garden Island or Carnac Island on a warm Summers day.

However, what most of the public doesn’t realise is just how versatile the Whittley cruiser range is and how it can offer you so much more on your adventures, both on water and on land.

Because each cruiser comes with most overnight essentials like a bed, toilet, cooker, sink and shower, they offer themselves as a caravan as well.

This means you get to tow it to some great boating destinations while using it on the way as your very own caravan.

People have also been known to tow their Whittley around Australia, using it as their caravan while on road and then launching it in the country’s rivers and coastline.

Even All Boats & Caravans General Manager, Maz Yahiya and his wife Bridget have towed a Whittley to places such as Geraldton, where they launched it and spent several nights around the famous Abrolhos Islands, then towed it further north to Onslow and spent a couple of weeks among the amazing Montebello Islands.

The Yahiya’s next Whittley bucket list is to tow it to Adelaide and spend a few weeks on the mighty Murray River.

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