West Aussie Ronny Dahl Has Turned 4wdriving into a Youtube Career

    Ronny Dahl in the wild with a camera

    While many people struggle to find a balance between their love of social media and the importance of being outdoors in nature, youtube sensation Ronny Dahl has managed to combine these two things into a career!

    From humble beginning as a bloke in the bush with his own video camera, Ronny has amassed an audience of over 186,000 subscribers on his youtube channel and gets more than 1million views each month; and now produces a weekly program that he streams through his channel to more than 85,000 viewers. These days he is recognised by fans across Australia, and now has a team of people he travels with to produce his video content.

    Ronny, like many West Aussies, loves being outdoors; and 4wdriving and camping are his two favourite pastimes. So how did he go from being an ordinary Dad to a youtube sensation?

    “It really all started because I wanted somewhere to store my own films, so in 2011 I created my own youtube channel and started uploading my videos.“

    “Around the same time I started up a website with my dad, mainly because I was frustrated at the lack of available information for people like me who want to go out and explore. I wanted to find out where to go and how to get there, but there wasn’t a lot of info around,” Ronny said.

    “So I started creating my own videos, and people started watching! I did a lot of how-to videos showing people basic stuff that I had learned, and my audience started growing. It was in 2015 that the channel really took off, and nowadays managing the channel is what I do full time.”

    “My channel is all about 4×4 off-road camping and adventures, and it’s not just about watching what I do, but it’s also handy tips for off-roading, overlanding and 4 wheeling in any situation,” Ronny said.

    Ronny’s “how-to” videos are all basics – how to lower your tyres and why; how to recover a vehicle safely, how to fit out your vehicle – and he’s spent time getting to know other people and sharing their vehicles and fit outs; which is what has made him a household name among 4wdrivers.

    But most importantly, what makes Ronny Dahl stand out from other youtubers or other 4wd TV personalities is that he is one hundred percent real.

    I am not sponsored and do I don’t have loyalty to any particular product or brand unless I genuinely like them and use them.

    “I think this is why I get the respect of the viewers because all my reviews are unbiased, my honest opinion. Basically, if I don’t like a product I will tell the truth and that’s what people really want to know,” Ronny said.

    And of course keeping it real works for his adventures and the films he creates from them. What happens on the trip certainly doesn’t stay on the trip; so if Ronny gets his vehicle stuck, his viewers are there to see it all!

    But of course people are watching for more than just the mishaps. Stunning scenery and landscapes, the enviable tranquillity of the remote location, and the glory WA outback camping is all perfectly captured and presented in conjunction with the extreme action that can only come from real rugged 4WDriving.

    “People love the adventure series – there’s no acting, it’s all completely real and it’s all places that people can actually go to and experience it for themselves,” Ronny said.

    Ronny has travelled extensively throughout WA and knows all the best spots to go to. He takes his decked out 79 Landcruiser and hits the road as often as he can and for as long as he can; sometimes with his wife and two daughters but other times with just his team.

    When asked about his favourite places to travel, one sticks out in Ronny’s mind – WA’s south coast.

    “I love going remote and the stretch from Israelite Bay to Twilight Cove is definitely one of my favourites.”

    “It’s just so vast and completely natural, and it’s all beaches and sand dunes, natural bush and salt lakes. It’s peaceful and tranquil and beautiful,” he said.

    His latest adventure was out through the Goldfields, where he went in search of some remote spots to set up camp and explore.

    While we can’t all be like Ronny Dahl and live the dream every day, we can certainly take some inspiration from his adventures and create a little of our own.

    Ronny says it’s all about having fun. You don’t need all the gear, just get yourself the basics, make sure you’ve got a 4WD and a sense of adventure and you’re set to go. But most of all, just enjoy the amazing country we have on our doorstep!

    Ronny Dahl can be seen on youtube at RonBacardi666 or check his website 4 wheeling in Western Australia.

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