TrackStar Omaroo Series 3: The big boy with the big reputation.

The Omaroo Series 3 attached to the back of a 4WD

Take the much loved and highly regarded Omaroo Series and make it even better. How? Upgraded kitchen, upgraded functionality, upgraded equipment levels and a few twerks from customer feedback and BAM! Here is the Series 3.

Roomy extra wide family style “go anywhere” forward fold steel camper with heavy duty off road suspension nears perfection in it’s third evolution. Complete with the all new ALKO 3500kg off road 50mm ball coupling and the well reknown ARK Extreme Off road jockey wheel.

Hundreds of thousands of hard Aussie kilometres of testing under it’s belt in our “go anywhere” hire fleet. If you need this level of comfort and reliability.

Purchase your Omaroo Series 3 with full annex from for just $21,990 drive away and receive a free show pack which includes a Joolca hot water unit, portable solar panel, portable chemical toilet, LED 4 bar annex light kit and two ensuite tents. The Omaroo Series 3 can be fully financed at a low rate too.

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